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Past Events

VISION International Seminar 3 - 2019
Friday 15 November

This informative session will address recent changes in legislation affecting the international education sector. In addition we will address student safety and messages that enable students when faced with critical incidents. The seminar will be followed by drinks and a two course lunch.  

The seminar will provide excellent professional development for international program staff, teachers, those who manage admissions, marketing, homestay coordination and the safety of students. It provides an opportunity to be informed, network with others in this sector and gain insight into best practice.

Secondary Schools Sector Update by VRQA
- Gary Bourton, Manager – School Projects

Enabling international students during critical incidents
- Assoc. Prof Sharon Chan and Assoc. Prof Catherine Gomes will present the results of their study funded by the Victorian State Government’s International Student Welfare Grant.

Marketing intelligence and areas of growth for the Schools Sector – Austrade update and introduction to webinars
- Megha Gupta, Senior Advisor ELICOS, Schools and Pathways, South Asia and Sarah Stanton-French, Senior Advisor, International Education Trade and Investment Division

VISION International Seminar 2 - 2019
Friday 16 August

This PD is designed to help you to recognise symptoms of mental distress in students, understand how to assist with the emotional wellbeing of the person you are helping, and what you can do when there is a need for a person to be referred on to more advanced levels of help such as counsellors, doctors or the police.

Coby Liew, Psychotherapist, social worker and licensed MHSS trainer and Lyndon Medina, counselling Psychologist and Psycho-dramatist will deliver this interactive PD session to create awareness of what is entailed in being the social support person for those with mental health issues. 

VISION International Seminar 1 - 2019
Friday 3 May

Session 1: Trends in International Student Enrolments & Changes to Child Safety Legislation 
Kurt Mullane, Director of Internationalisation, International Education Division, Department of Education & Training (DET).

Kurt will provide an overview of trends in International Student enrolments in Victorian schools, focusing on emerging opportunities and headwinds. The reported experiences of students, host schools and host families will be shared, along with recent work undertaken by DET to frame a renewed narrative for the important role International Students play in strengthening Victorian schools. Case studies, anecdotes and vignettes illustrating the International Student experience will be shared. The session will acknowledge key considerations for host families in light of changes to Child Safety legislation and other regulatory issues. 
Session attendees will be invited to provide feedback to DET regarding support for International Students and stakeholders, such as host families, who are so instrumental in helping Victoria deliver a quality experience for visiting students.

Session 2: Homestay Management 
A panel discussion & open forum where attendees are welcome to ask questions and share thoughts.

VISION International Seminar 1 - 2018
Friday 11 May

'New Minimum Standards for Under 18 Students' presented by Gary Bourton, Manager School Projects, VRQA

The VRQA presentation provided information about the changes and what CRICOS schools need to do to meet the new minimum standards for enrolling international students aged under 18.
It Addressed recent changes to the ESOS framework which included;

- 2018 ESOS National Code
- Victorian Child Safe Standards
- proposed VRQA Guidelines.

VISION International Seminar 3 & AGM - 2017
Friday 10 November

Margaret Hepworth - Global Citizineship - It starts with us! 

Matthew Flemming - Senior Marketing and Communications Officer International Education Division - Department of Education and Training
2018 Victorian Global Learning Awards

Professor Chris Ziguras - Deputy Dean, International School of Global Urban and Social Studies RMIT University and President - International Education Association of Australia
International Education Environment Scan: Recent developments in students mobility, government policy and community engagement strategies

Zaheer Qazi - National Welfare Officer - Council of International Students Australia
Update from CISA on developments and projects in relation to international student welfare and wellbeing

Venue: Fenix Events

VISION International Seminar 2 - 2017
Friday 18 August

International Students Presentation- Winnie Li, Xuzhong Duan, Kenny Tao and Natasha Wright
The importance of global education and fostering a high quality, safe and supportive environment for international students - Joel Backwell, Department of Education and Training
Venue: Graduate House

VISION International Seminar 1 - 2017
Friday 5 May

International Students and the digital environment- Assoc.Professor Shanton Chang, The University of Melbourne
ESOS Changes - Gary Bourton - VRQA
Venue: Ivanhoe Grammar School

VISION International Seminar 3 & AGM - 2016
Friday 18 November

Integration of International Students: What do we mean?- Dr Eeqbal Hassim, The University of Melbourne
International Students and the digital environment- Assoc.Professor Shanton Chang, The University of Melbourne
Venue: Fenix Events, Richmond

VISION International Seminar 2 - 2016
​​​​​​​Friday 26 August

What is a Global Citizen? - Principal Whirefriars College John Finn 
Simplified Student Visa Framework - Department of Immigration and Border Protection Alice Maclean
Student speakers - Cyn Liu & Jake Hester
Child Safe Standards- CFECFW Mary Kyrios
Venue: Carey Baptist Grammar School

VISION International Seminar 1 - 2016
Friday 6 May

Changes to key regulations regarding international students in the schools sector- VRQA Gary Bourton
Life in Australia as an international student- Fiona Hu and Audrey Tandiokusuma
Venue: Ivanhoe Grammar School

VISION International Seminar 1 - 2015
Friday 1 May

International Student Welfare Update - City of Melbourne
School Sector Update and Industry Developments - Marianna Lane, Independant Schools Queensland
Homestay - Panel of homestay experts

VISION International Seminar 2 - 2015
Friday 21 August

Marketing in 2015 and Beyond - Tracy O-Halloran, AEAS & Emilia Fields, Whitefriars College
The Re-Calibration of International Eudcation; An Entreprenuerial Approach to Global Engagement - Russell Welch, John Paul International College

VISION International Seminar 3 - 2015
Friday 20 November

International Education; Creating Victoria's Future - Chris and Jane Favaloro, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
2020 Future Cast; The Ever Changing Face of International Education - Rob Lawrence, Prospect Research